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Wells Septic & Drain Cleaning in Delaware, OH provides thorough and dependable septic tank cleaning services for homes and businesses throughout Delaware, Marion and Morrow Counties. By counting on our team to clean your septic system, you can avoid major problems associated with a clogged septic system, which can save you money in the long run. We have extensive experience with cleaning a variety of septic system types, so we’ll have the best solution for your system.

Your septic system plays an essential role in diverting wastewater from your plumbing fixtures so they don’t get clogged with scum and sludge. However, sometimes your septic system can get clogged by waste that can’t be organically broken down, which causes it to sit at the bottom of the tank and build up over time. If nothing is done about the build-up, it can eventually overflow into the drainfield, contaminate your clean water and even make your entire septic system unusable. Not only does this lead to poor health for anyone who uses water for drinking, cleaning and other purposes in your home or business, but it can also result in expensive repairs.

For All Your Septic Cleaning Needs

Wells Septic & Drain Cleaning solves the problem of clogged septic tanks and systems by removing all the water and compacted sludge that has collected at the bottom of the tank. No matter the size of your tank, we’ll be sure to fully clean it out so wastewater can flow freely throughout the system again. As a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), we have earned the trust of many homeowners and businesses throughout the area through honest and hassle-free service with proven results.


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